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Whether selling, buying or improving property in Spain you will inevitably encounter the infamous bureaucracy imposed by government at local, provincial, regional and central levels. Its complex and ever-changing nature can be bewildering.

Our END to END service is designed to help you with all important property issues. With many years of experience in all aspects of the business, our aim is to make your project run as smoothly as possible. If you are selling we ensure no last minute dramas with the Notario. No missing papers, no unpaid bills. If you are buying we advise and help at all stages of the purchase. We can show you round a range of properties and comment on any advantages or possible drawbacks of their location, their suitability for your purpose and their improvement potential. We can conduct Land Registry searches, draw up contracts, advise on the correct form and certification of international bank transfers and payments, provide translation services with the Notaría, assist with prompt registration at the Land Registry and Catastro, payment of property taxes, inscription on electoral rolls, changes of title of contracts for mains services and irrigation systems and advise on internet and telephone connections.

Here are some questions to which you, particularly if you are purchasing, should know the answers:

· Do you have a Spanish bank account and a current N.I.E. number?

· Do you know the correct procedure for payment of a deposit on a property?

· Do you understand the difference between a private contract and one of public record?

· Is the entire property actually legal?

· Is all its paperwork in order?

· Is it correctly registered at both Land Registry and Catastro?

· Are there any rights of way over the property? Are the boundaries clear?

· Does the property have legal rights of access?

· Are there any issues with neighbours?

· Are there any obligations to maintain irrigation systems, communal areas or access tracks ?

· Do you have full information about the rights of the property to irrigation water from springs and/or acequias?

· Are there any outstanding bills for water (both drinking and irrigation) or for rates or electricity?

· If the property has no mains services, does it have adequate solar, wind or water generated electricity?

· Does it have a safe and adequate supply of drinking water? Does it have an efficient and officially approved sewage disposal system?

· Does the property have an Energy Efficiency Certificate and GPS Certificate?

· If you intend letting your property, does it have Tourist Board approval and certificates?

· Once you have bought a property are you able to effect changes of title to contracts for electricity, telephone, rates, drinking water and irrigation water?

· If you intend to alter or improve the property in any way do you understand your obligations regarding permits under current planning laws? These may involve dealings with local, provincial or regional planning authorities and/or the Rivers Authority and Sierra Nevada National Park.

· Do you need an Architect, project manager and /or specialised, experienced and reliable tradesmen and advice about purchasing building materials, electrical goods and furniture?

We offer a friendly and attentive service designed to help you sell or purchase property (whether it be an apartment, a townhouse or a country estate) in and around Orgiva and the western Alpujarra as easily and quickly as possible. Should you decide to undertake improvements, we can help with designs, draw up plans, manage your building project, introduce you to reputable tradesmen and suppliers, discuss alternative energy systems, irrigation systems, garden design and maintenance and obtain planning permits, licences and certificates. Should you wish to let the whole or part of your property we can advise on Tourist Board and Town Hall requirements, arrange any necessary works, obtain licenses and certificates and effect relevant registrations.

We aim to make your property sale, purchase or improvement project run smoothly.

No dramas. No trauma. No loose ends.